Monday, June 8, 2015

Yes Mistress

This was the first caption I used some proper dialogue in, and not just one person talking. I wanted the conversation itself to exhude power, and I hope that I managed to accomplish that.

Did you also feel a sense of power (or lack thereof) in the dialogue? Let me know <3


  1. Where did you get the image? Some help please?

    And i really love your captions! Keep up the good work! Btw, can i request some captions? Thanks

  2. I honestly just googled for maid pictures and it was one of the ones I found :) Wow, thanks for the kind words, that means a lot! Sorry for the inactivity, I was actually in the hospital for a bit recently, and just got back home after a few days.

    Absolutely you can :) Just let me know at !